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Title: An alternative approach to measures the application of dispatching rule in the wafer foundry
Authors: Chik, M.A. 
Ahmad, I. 
Jamaluddin, Md.Y. 
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: This paper focusing on the method to measures the application of dispatching role in the wafer foundry. This is because dispatching rule play a critical rote to determine the success of higher throughput, mimmum cycle time, corresponded to turn ration of the WIP level and meeting on time delivery. In the imptementation, it uses Advanced Productivity Family (APF), comntercial software that integrated with Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for algorithm computational to calcalate the compliances of the dispatching rule that is applied is the wafer foundry manufacturing shop floor. From the literature review, It is believed that until now there is nun-formal measurement is being done to measure lhe compliance of the dispatching rule to wafer processing complexity. This result will help to measure 100% of the compliance of the dispatching rule for the success of the implementation of any dispatching system in assy wafer fabrication facilities. This implementation has successfully implemented in the real wafer fabrication. © 2004 IEEE.
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