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Title: Meandered microstrip open circuited stub with bandstop characteristic
Authors: Hock, G.C. 
Chakrabarty, C.K. 
Badjian, M.H. 
Devkumar, S. 
Issue Date: 2009
Journal: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Volume 38, February 2009, Pages 407-411 
Abstract: This paper presents a microstrip meandered open circuited stub with bandstop characteristic. The proposed structure is designed on a high frequency laminate with dielectric constant of 4.0 and board thickness of 0.508 millimeters. The scattering parameters and electromagnetic field distributions at various frequencies are investigated by modeling the structure with three dimensional electromagnetic simulation tool. In order to describe the resonant and bandstop characteristic of the meandered open circuited stub, a Smith chart as well as electric field at various frequencies and phases is illustrated accordingly. The structure can be an alternative method in suppressing the harmonic response of a bandpass filter. © 2009 WASET.ORG.
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