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Title: Security enhancement of digital motion image transmission using hybrid AES-DES algorithm
Authors: Vishnu, M.B. 
Tiong, S.K. 
Zaini, M. 
Koh, S.P. 
Issue Date: 2008
Journal: 2008 14th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications, APCC 2008 2008, Article number 4773822 
Abstract: This paper presents the design and implementation of a symmetrical hybrid based 128 bit key AES-DES algorithm as a security enhancement for live motion image transmission. Current AES standards are applied to encrypt and protect and the content of motion images being transmitted as to minimize un-authorized access or interception. This paper outlines the possible weaknesses within the current AES encryption algorithm especially against algebraic based cryptanalysis. Understanding the need to minimize algebraic attacks into the AES, this paper proposes the idea on integrating AES within the Feistel network of DES, hence resulting into the development of the Hybrid AES-DES algorithm. The levels of Feistel network as applied into the Hybrid AES-DES structure are retrospective to Quality of Service (QoS) needs. Based on image noise concepts, PSNR tests were also carried out to evaluate the performance between the current AES and the improved Hybrid AES-DES structure as to be applied into live motion video streaming. These tests provide a better understanding into the performance of the Hybrid AES-DES as compared to current AES algorithm. copyright © 2008 IEICE.
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