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Title: Performance study of multiple source video streaming via wireless 5.8 GHz for intelligent traffic management system
Authors: Baskaran, V.M. 
Tiong, S.K. 
Jamaludin, M.Z. 
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: This paper describes the performance evaluation on the Multiple Video Source Capture and Streaming software (Multiple-VSCS) developed for the Intelligent Traffic Management system. Motion Images captured from multiple independent capture devices are compressed and streamed to a remote location via the 5.8 GHz Wireless LAN network. The compression algorithm used here is the current ITU H.263 codec. Performance evaluation tests measured the compressed video stream rate at an average of 500 kbps with total bandwidth utilization at 1.02 %. The performance evaluation will also include measurements of video transfer rates, compression ratio rates with comparison to theoretical ratios. Projections are also made with correlation to increased video transfer rates from multiple sources at different compression formats. © 2005 IEEE.
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