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Title: Determination of neturon thermal and epithermal at reactor triga puspati thermal column beam port exit using neutron spectrometry technique
Authors: Abdul Aziz bin Mohamed Prof. Madya Dr 
Keywords: Thermal column
Teutron spectrometer
Issue Date: 2016
Journal: Journal of nuclear and related technologies 
Abstract: This work main aim is to study the analysis of slow neutrons which include thermal and epithermal neutrons and also analysis on fast neutrons. The outcome from this work showed that the comparison result between fast and slow neutrons. The safety assessment at reactor TRIGA PUSPATI (RTF) is one of the main objectives of the work and there is a detailed discussion on it which helped in accomplishing the task. Gamma Rays produced in this experiment was high and in the experiment and it is realized that the shielding plays a vital role in the success of this experiment which prevents all the radiations. From the results of the experiment it is realized that these gamma rays are not suitable for the application of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT). However, these radiations are suitable for the application of Neutron Radiography (NR). The study on this work will help in study of nuclear applications such as BNCT, NR, SANS etc. These applications are using in medical and nuclear fields. The electronic device used in the experiment to detect neutron is Neutron Spectrometer. The results from Neutron Spectrometer and TLDs are very similar which showed that the experiment is a success. Numerical results were compared with those available in literature for validation.
Description: Volume :13, Issue No :2, Article ID :3, Page Start :15, Page End :23, ISSN :ISSN 1823-0180
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