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Title: 3 Dimensional Reconstruction of Tricuspid Valve Using Transesophagel Echocardiography Images
Authors: Nasir, N.R.M. 
Kadiman, S. 
Rahmat, R.W.O.K. 
Dimon, M.Z. 
Sulaiman, P.S. 
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: This research aims to develop three dimensional geometrical tricuspid valve model using transesophagel echocardiography raw images (3DTEE). Main motivation that derives this research is the needs of volumetric image segmentation for surgical planning, post-surgical assessment, abnormality detection, and many other medical application. The challenge stands tall especially in regions with abnormal color and shape which needs to be identified by researchers for future studies. Volumetric images contain complicated structures that require precise and most accurate segmentation for diagnosis. Using Level set technique for segmentation, this research promising an accurate and better result that can be used for 3D tricuspid valve reconstruction. The solution of this research will be an alternative segmentation method to assist in surgical planning and indirectly eliminating the subjectively of manual segmentation. © 2014 IEEE.
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