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Title: Gan based led drive circuit for visible light communication (VLC) with improved linearity using on-chip optical feedback
Authors: Ahmad Wafi Bin Mahmood Zuhdi 
Keywords: Visible light communication (VLC)
Issue Date: 2016
Conference: Region 10 Conference (Tencon), 2016 Ieee 
Abstract: Solid-state lighting is a rapidly developing field. Visible Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are becoming more efficient, have high reliability and can be incorporated into many lighting applications. LED is predicted to become the main source of general illumination due to its high energy efficiency. Such source can also modulate at high speed, thus offering a prospect of illumination and communications simultaneously. Various modulation techniques have been employed such as OOK and OFDM, where the latter has shown ability to transmit into Gb/s region. However, OFDM requires high linearity response from the driver’s optical power output. In this paper, we present a drive circuit for GaN µLED which employs on-chip optical feedback technique to suppress nonlinearity of the optical power output from the µLED for Visible Light Communication (VLC) with OFDM modulation.
Description: Volume :-, Issue No :-, Article ID :-, Page Start :3394, Page End :3397, ISSN :978-1-5090-2598-5
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