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Title: Simultaneous dual-wavelength lasing of an erbium-doped fibre laser over wide spectrum range by intracavity loss optimisation
Authors: Abdullah, F. 
Noor, A.S.M. 
Mahdi, M.A. 
Jamaludin, M.Z. 
Dimyati, K. 
Abdullah, M.K. 
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: This letter reports a new technique to achieve a wide range of simultaneous dual output lasing of an erbium-doped fibre laser. The range covers a wide spectrum of 30 nm. This range is achieved by optimising the intracavity loss of the fibre loop in the laser. The wavelength is tuned via a tuneable bandpass filter. These dual lasing outputs are kept within a 0.5 dB power difference. © 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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