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Title: One-dimensional analysis of unsteady flows due to supercritical heat addition in high speed condensing steam
Authors: Malek, N.A. 
Hasini, H. 
Yusoff, M.Z. 
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Unsteadiness in supersonic flow in nozzles can be generated by the release of heat due to spontaneous condensation. The heat released is termed »supercritical» and may be responsible for turbine blades failure in turbine cascade as it causes a supersonic flow to decelerate. When the Mach number is reduced to unity, the flow can no longer sustain the additional heat and becomes unstable. This paper aims to numerically investigate the unsteadiness caused by supercritical heat addition in one-dimensional condensing flows. The governing equations for mass, momentum and energy, coupled with the equations describing the wetness fraction and droplet growth are integrated and solved iteratively to reveal the final solution. Comparison is made with well-established experimental and numerical solution done by previous researchers that shows similar phenomena. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
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