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dc.contributor.authorAminah Shakirah, J.-
dc.contributor.authorSidek, L.M.-
dc.contributor.authorHidayah, B.-
dc.contributor.authorNazirul, M.Z.-
dc.contributor.authorJajarmizadeh, M.-
dc.contributor.authorRos, F.C.-
dc.contributor.authorRoseli, Z.A.-
dc.description.abstractMalaysia is located at tropical zone and high precipitation area that frequently hit by flood events when it is near monsoon season. This hydro hazard has been one of the main concerns for governmental and non-governmental sectors. High floods lead in financial damages and they are related with human's life. Kelantan watershed is one of the challenging watersheds which mostly suffer from flood events and heavy rainfall events. Flood in Kelantan watershed is related with monetary misfortunes and lives. Clearly, flood have significant influence on various water sectors such water supply, agriculture, human health and ecosystems therefore study of this topic and presentation of available of any data and information can be a valuable baseline for upcoming research in vulnerable case studies. In this study, Kelantan watershed is selected because it is prone to flooding and urban areas classified as vulnerable districts. This overview is discussed on the last decade (2001-2010) floods events in Kelantan.-
dc.titleA Review on Flood Events for Kelantan River Watershed in Malaysia for Last Decade (2001-2010)-
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