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2005First ionospheric experimental campaign and observation at Fraser's Hill, Malaysia: Total Electron Content (TEC) and scintillation measurementsMohd. Zain, A.F. ; Hwa, H.Y. ; Abdullah, M. ; Rhazali, Z.A. ; Abdullah, S. ; Marsimin, M.F. 
2005First ionospheric experimental campaign and observations at Fraser's Hill, Malaysia: Results of vertical soundingMohd. Zain, A.F. ; Abdullah, M. ; Hwa, H.Y. ; Rhazali, Z.A. ; Abdullah, S. ; Gaik, K.H. 
2015Novel assay for efficient iron release from ferritinLim, W.F. ; Abdullah, M. ; Yap, B.K. ; George, E. ; Lai, M.I. 
2010The subprime mortgages crisis and Islamic securitizationHanim Kamil, K. ; Abdullah, M. ; Shahimi, S. ; Ghafar Ismail, A.