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2017Climate change mitigation: comparative assessment of Malaysian and ASEAN scenariosRasiah R. ; Chenayah S. ; Al-Amin A.Q. ; Ahmed A. 
2018A comparative analysis of climate-risk and extreme event-related impacts on well-being and health: Policy implicationsFilho W.L. ; Nagy G.J. ; Al-Amin A.Q. 
2018An evidence-based review of impacts, strategies and tools to mitigate urban heat islandsFilho W.L., Icaza L.E. ; Al-Amin A.Q. ; Emanche V.O 
2016Implications of climate change damage for agriculture: sectoral evidence from PakistanAhmed A., Devadason E.S., ; Al-Amin A.Q. 
2018Introducing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in MalaysiaAmbrose A.F. ; Chen Z. ; Al-Amin A.Q. 
2018Modeling technical change in climate analysis: evidence from agricultural crop damagesAhmed A. ; Al-Amin A.Q. ; Devadason E.S.