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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Lead-free flux effect in lead-free solder joint improvementEu, P.L. ; Ding, M. ; Ahmad, I. ; Hoh, H.J. ; Hazlinda, K. 
2008Lead-free solder ball attach improvement on FCPBGA with SOP pad finishingLing, W.T. ; Leng, E.P. ; Amin, N. ; Ahmad, I. 
2008Lead-free solder ball attach improvement on FCPBGA with SOP pad finishingLing, W.T. ; Leng, E.P. ; Amin, N. ; Ahmad, I. 
2002MATLAB based image analysis software for characterization of microstructure materialsHussain, A. ; Muad, A.M. ; Ahmad, I. ; Azhari, C.H. 
2010Mechanical properties study of lead free solder joint material used in semiconductor packaging subjected to thermal conditionHarif, M.N. ; Ahmad, I. 
2018Mediating role of E- learning resources in developing entrepreneurial inclinations amongst undergraduate students at Universiti Utara MalaysiaRamli, A. ; Shabbir, M.S. ; Bakar, M.S.B. ; Shariff, M.N.M. ; Yusof, M.S. ; Ahmad, I. 
2011Message from chair of ED chapter, IEEE Malaysia section (Co-Chair RSM 2011)Ahmad, I. 
2005Microstructure study of lead free solders in electroless nickel gold under bump metallurgy solder bumpSalleh, M.M. ; Ahmad, I. ; Jalar, A. ; Omar, G. 
2012Modeling and optimizing of threshold voltage of 32nm NMOS transistor using L18 orthogonal array Taguchi methodElgomati, H.A. ; Majlis, B.Y. ; Ahmad, I. 
2015Modeling of 14 nm gate length n-Type MOSFETFaizah, Z.A.N. ; Ahmad, I. ; Ker, P.J. ; Roslan, P.S.A. ; Maheran, A.H.A. 
2018Modeling, simulation and optimization of 14nm high-K/metal gate NMOS with taguchi methodMah, S.K. ; Ahmad, I. ; Ker, P.J. ; Tan, K.P. ; Faizah, Z.A.N. 
2009Modelling and simulation single layer Anti-Reflective Coating of ZnO and ZnS for silicon solar cells using silvaco softwareAbdullah, H. ; Lennie, A. ; Ahmad, I. 
2016Modelling of 14NM gate length La2O3-based n-type MOSFETMah, S.K. ; Ahmad, I. ; Ker, P.J. ; Noor Faizah, Z.A. 
2012Modelling of process parameters for 32nm PMOS transistor using Taguchi methodElgomati, H.A. ; Majlis, B.Y. ; Hamid, A.M.A. ; Susthitha, P.M. ; Ahmad, I. 
2006Modelling of sacrificial spin-on glass (SOG) etching in non-straight microchannels using hydrofluoric acidHamzah, A.A. ; Majlis, B.Y. ; Ahmad, I. 
2012Morphology and optical properties of nickel oxide nanostructure from aqueous solutionHamid, M.A.A. ; Bakar, M.A. ; Jalar, A. ; Shamsudin, R. ; Ahmad, I. 
2011Nanoindentation characterization of Sn-Ag-Sb/Cu substrate IMC Layer subject to thermal agingShualdi, W. ; Bais, B. ; Ahmad, I. ; Omar, G. ; Isnin, A. 
2010Numerical study of fluid flow and heat transfer in microchannel heat sinks using anisotropic porous media approximationLim, F.Y. ; Abdullah, S. ; Ahmad, I. 
2018Optimization of 10nm Bi-GFET Device for higher ION/IOFF ratio using Taguchi MethodRoslan, A.F. ; Kaharudin, K.E. ; Salehuddin, F. ; Zain, A.S.M. ; Ahmad, I. ; Faizah, Z.A.N. ; Hazura, H. ; Hanim, A.R. ; Idris, S.K. ; Zaiton, A.M. ; Mohamad, N.R. ; Hamid, A.M.A. 
2011Optimization of HALO structure effects in 45nm p-type MOSFETs device using taguchi methodSalehuddin, F. ; Ahmad, I. ; Hamid, F.A. ; Zaharim, A. ; Elgomati, H.A. ; Majlis, B.Y. ; Apte, P.R.