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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Mechanical properties study of lead free solder joint material used in semiconductor packaging subjected to thermal conditionHarif, M.N. ; Ahmad, I. 
2018Modelling and simulation of photovoltaic solar cell using silvaco TCAD and matlab softwareHasani, A.H. ; Abdullah, S.F. ; Mahmood Zuhdi, A.W. ; Bahrudin, M.S. ; Za'Abar, F. ; Harif, M.N. 
2018Optimization of baseline parameters and numerical simulation for Cu(In, Ga)Se2 solar cellZa'Abar, F. ; Zuhdi, A.W.M. ; Bahrudin, M.S. ; Abdullah, S.F. ; Harif, M.N. ; Hasani, A.H. 
2018Simulation analysis on CIGS solar cell on different absorber layer thickness subject to temperature change using SCAPS 1-D softwareHarif, M.N. ; Abdullah, S.F. ; Mahmood Zuhdi, A.W. ; Za'Abar, F. ; Bahrudin, M.S. ; Hasani, A.H. 
2006The effects of high temperature storage on lead free solder joint material strength using pull test methodHarif, M.N. ; Ahmad, I. ; Zaharim, A.