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2018Construction and evaluation of a user interface acceptance questionnaireBaharum, A. ; Ismail, R. ; Daruis, D.D.I. ; Fabeil, N.F. ; Bahar, I.A.A. ; Omar, M. 
2018Demuse: Releasing stress using music mobile applicationBaharum, A. ; Pitchay, S.A. ; Ismail, R. ; Fabeil, N.F. ; Rusli, N.M. ; Bahar, I.A.A. 
2019Development of Gamification Linear Algebra Application Using StorytellingRahim, R.H.A. ; Tanalol, S.H. ; Ismail, R. ; Baharum, A. ; Rahim, E.A. ; Noor, N.A.M. 
2018Evaluating gender's mental model patterns for user interface design: Mobile shopping appsBaharum, A. ; Fabeil, N.F. ; Fatah, N.S.A. ; Amirul, S.M. ; Zain, N.H.M. ; Ismail, R. 
2017Evaluating the Localization for E-Learning Website: Case Study in Universiti Malaysia SabahBaharum, A. ; Ismail, R. ; Fabeil, N.F. ; Fatah, N.S.A. ; Tanalol, S.H. ; Zain, N.H.M. ; Hanapi, R. 
2018Vegetation monitoring using UAV: A preliminary studyEng, L.S. ; Ismail, R. ; Hashim, W. ; Mohamed, R.R. ; Baharum, A.