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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Feb-2014Ec: Polls to Cost RM1.6mNew Straits Times (Prime News)
7-Nov-2014Electrical Mishaps Can Be AvoidedNew Straits Times (Letters)
27-Aug-2013Encouraging Innovation, ResearchNew Straits Times
11-Apr-2014End to 15-year Wait for OwnersNew Straits Times (Streets Your News)
10-Sep-2014Energy Reserves For Reliable Power SupplyNew Straits Times
27-Oct-2014Energy Watch- 99.8 percent LightedNew Straits Times
14-May-2014Energy Watch; IBR Brings About Fair TariffNew Straits Times (Nation)
16-Oct-2013FBM KLCI Likely To Remain FirmNew Straits Times (Business Times)
29-Oct-2013FBM KLCI Likely To Stay Firm Next WeekNew Straits Times (Business Times)
12-Feb-2014Flying HighNew Straits Times
4-Feb-2014From Bunge-Grisar to BangsarNew Straits Times
19-Feb-2013Fundamental And Functional MBANew Straits Times
30-Jun-2014Further Correction Likely This WeekNew Straits Times (Business Times)
10-Dec-2014Further Correction Potential SeenNew Straits Times (Portfolio)
14-May-2014Further Range-bound trrading LikelyNew Straits Times (Portfolio)
30-Mar-2015Get The Industry Edge at UNITENNew Straits Times
7-Oct-2013Giving Life To Abandoned HousesNew Straits Times
7-Nov-2014GLCs' Market Cap Triples RM35bNew Straits Times (Business Times)
9-Nov-2015Glory At First Attempt For PKS-KPMNew Straits Times
17-Apr-2015Goverment to Finalise Dual Tariff MechanismNew Straits Times (Business Times)