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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Cluster-based spectrum sensing scheme in heterogeneous networkHasan, M.K. ; Ismail, A.F. ; Abdalla, A.-H. ; Ramli, H.A.M. ; Islam, S. ; Hashim, W. ; Badron, K. 
2014Clustering algorithms for Cognitive Radio networks: A surveyYau, K.-L.A. ; Ramli, N. ; Hashim, W. ; Mohamad, H. 
2005Co, hc and nox emissions characteristics of a retrofitted bi-fuel natural gas engineKalam, M.A. ; Masjuki, H.H. ; Amalina, M.A. ; Abdesselam, H. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. 
2013Co-integration and causality analysis between stock market prices and their determinates in JordanBekhet, H.A. ; Matar, A. 
2017CO2 emissions, energy consumption, economic growth, and financial development in GCC countries: Dynamic simultaneous equation modelsBekhet, H.A. ; Matar, A. ; Yasmin, T. 
2003CO2 taxation on electricity generation for trees replanting in MalaysiaMahlia, T.M.I. 
2009A coarse-grained parallel genetic algorithm with migration for shortest path routing problemYussof, S. ; Razali, R.A. ; See, O.H. ; Ghapar, A.A. ; Md Din, M. 
2011Cobalt silicide and titanium silicide effects on nano devicesElgomati, H.A. ; Majlis, B.Y. ; Salehuddin, F. ; Ahmad, I. ; Zaharim, A. ; Hamid, F.A. 
2016COBIT benchmarking of system development governance for a government agency in MalaysiaHamid, Z.A. ; Sulaiman, H. 
2014COBIT principles to govern flood managementOthman, M. ; Ahmad, M.N. ; Suliman, A. ; Arshad, N.H. ; Maidin, S.S. 
2014COBIT principles to govern flood managementOthman, M. ; Ahmad, M.N. ; Suliman, A. ; Arshad, N.H. ; Maidin, S.S. 
2015Cognitive energy efficient for closed-proximity devices: An empirical study and standardization issuesHashim, W. ; Ismail, A.F. ; Kamrul, M.H. ; Badron, K. ; Raj, R.M. ; Nasir, H.A. 
2009Cognitive map approach for mobility path optimization using multiple objectives genetic algorithmKrishnan, P.S. ; Paw, J.K.S. ; Kiong, T.S. 
2013Cognitive radio activities in Malaysia: Spectrum utilization and open issuesYau, K.-L.A. ; Azizan, A. ; Mohamad, H. ; Hashim, W. ; Ramli, N. ; Lee, H.J. 
2015A cognitive radio based smart grid communication network in MalaysiaHiew Yik Kuan 
2013Cointegration analysis of social services expenditure and human capital development in Malaysia: A bound testing approachSapuan, N.M. ; Sanusi, N.A. 
2008Cold neutron radiography by CCD camera at Malaysia Nuclear Agency's TRIGA MARK II Malaysia research reactor: First attemptZin, M.R.M. ; Muhamad, A. ; Mohamad, A.A. ; Jamro, R. 
2010A collaborative framework for multiagent systemsAhmed, M. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. 
Sep-2012College algebra - MATD 113 - Semester 1, 2012/2013College of Foundation and Diploma Studies 
Sep-2013College algebra - MATD 113 - Semester 1, 2013/2014College of Foundation and Diploma Studies