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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Considerations for the selection of an applicable energy efficiency test procedure for electric motors in Malaysia: Lessons for other developing countriesYanti, P.A.A. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. 
2005Constant and high switching frequency torque controller for DTC drivesToh, C.L. ; Idris, N.R.N. ; Yatim, A.H.M. 
2003Constant frequency torque and flux controllers for direct torque control of induction machinesIdris, N.R.N. ; Yatim, A.H.M. ; Muhamad, N.D. ; Ling, T.C. 
2014Constrained–Optimization-based Bayesian posterior probability extreme learning machine for pattern classificationWong, S.Y. ; Yap, K.S. 
2013Constructed rain garden systems for stormwater quality control under tropical climatesSidek, L.M. ; Muha, N.E. ; Noor, N.A.M. ; Basri, H. 
2008Constructing a chaos proofing pre-development framework to manage chaos in a chaos-prone systems development environmentOthman, M. ; Zin, A.M. ; Hamdan, A.R. 
2011Constructing formulation of affordable green home for middle income groupMusa, A.R. ; Tawil, N.M. ; Sood, S.M. ; Che-Ani, A.I. ; Hamzah, N. ; Basri, H. 
Sep-2015Construction management - CESM 523 - Semester 1, 2015/2016College of Graduate Studies 
Sep-2016Construction management - CESM 523 - Semester 1, 2016/2017College of Graduate Studies 
Sep-2017Construction management - CESM 523 - Semester 1, 2017/2018College of Graduate Studies 
Mar-2011Construction management - CESM 523 - Semester 2, 2010/2011College of Graduate Studies 
Jan-2012Construction management - CESM 523 - Semester 2, 2011/2012College of Graduate Studies 
Jan-2018Construction management - CESM 523 - Semester 2, 2017/2018College of Graduate Studies 
Jan-2018Construction materials, assessment & rehabilitation - CESM 623 - Semester 2, 2017/2018College of Graduate Studies 
2012Construction of compound nouns (CNs) for noun phrase in Malay sentenceAb Rahman, S. ; Omar, N. ; Che Hassan, N.B. 
2016Construction of Cryptographically Strong S-Boxes Inspired by Bee Waggle DanceIsa, H. ; Jamil, N. ; Z’aba, M.R. 
2013Construction of finite impulse wavelet filter for partial discharge localisation inside a transformer windingAbd Rahman, M.S. ; Rapisarda, P. ; Lewin, P.L. 
2015Context identification of scientific papers via agent-based model for text mining (ABM-TM)Mahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. ; Mustapha, A. 
2010Contingency based congestion management and cost minimization using bee colony optimization techniqueRahim, M.N.A. ; Musirin, I. ; Abidin, I.Z. ; Othman, M.M. 
2009Continual improvement and assessment plan for Mechanical Engineering Programme in UNITENAnuar, A. ; Shuaib, N.H. ; Mohamed Sahari, K.S. ; Abidin, I.Z.