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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Apr-2007GIS for civil engineering applications - CEGB 483 - Semester 2, 2006/2007College of Engineering 
2012Global optimal analysis of variant genetic operations in solar trackingFam, D.F. ; Koh, S.P. ; Tiong, S.K. ; Chong, K.H. 
2015A goal-based framework on contextual requirements modelling for agent-mediated continual quality improvement (aCQI) in curriculum designIsmail, S. ; Ahmad, M.S. 
1-Sep-2016Godaan keseronokan remaja di luar rumahNoor Azam Bin Abdul Rahman, En 
2017GPS-based highway toll collection system: Novel design and operationTan, J.Y. ; Ker, P.J. ; Mani, D. ; Arumugam, P. 
2014GPU accelerated molecular dynamics simulations for protein-protein interaction of ankyrin complexKodchakorn, K. ; Dokmaisrijan, S. ; Chong, W.L. ; Payaka, A. ; Wisitponchai, T. ; Nimmanpipug, P. ; Zain, S.M. ; Rahman, N.A. ; Tayapiwatana, C. ; Lee, V.S. 
2010Grammatical errors in spoken English of university students in oral communication courseTing, S.-H. ; Mahadhir, M. ; Chang, S.-L. 
2014Granularity of personal intelligence in social networksIsmail, S. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Hassan, Z. 
2009Group Based Access Control scheme (GBAC): Keeping information sharing secure in mobile ad-hoc environmentBakar, A.A. ; Ismail, R. ; Ahmad, A.R. ; Manan, J.-L.A. ; Jais, J. 
2009Group based access control scheme: Proof of method for secure access control architecture in mobile ad-hoc networksBakar, A.A. ; Ismail, R. ; Ahmad, A.R. ; Abdul Manan, J.-L. ; Jais, J. 
2017Growth kinetic and composition of the interfacial layer for RF sputtering Al2O3 layer on germaniumSahari, S.K. ; Kashif, M. ; Sutan, N.M. ; Embong, Z. ; Nik Zaini Fathi, N.A.F. ; Hamzah, A.A. ; Sapawi, R. ; Majlis, B.Y. ; Ahmad, I. 
2016GSM Web-Based Centralized Remote Wireless Automatic Controlling and Monitoring of AquafeederWong, C.L. ; Idris, A. ; Hasan, Z. 
2013The GUSC model in smart notification system: The quantitative analysis and conceptual modelIsmail, S. ; Suhaimi, S.F.M. ; Ahmad, M.S. 
2016Handwritten signature verification: Online verification using a fuzzy inference systemFaruki, M.J. ; Lun, N.Z. ; Ahmed, S.K. 
Nov-2008Heat transfer - MEHB 323 - Semester 1, 2008/2009College of Engineering 
Nov-2008Heat transfer - MEHB 323 - Semester 1, 2008/2009College of Engineering 
Oct-2009Heat transfer - MEHB 323 - Semester 1, 2009/2010College of Engineering 
2010Heat transfer - MEHB 323 - Semester 1, 2010/2011College of Engineering 
Aug-2011Heat transfer - MEHB 323 - Semester 1, 2011/2012College of Engineering 
Sep-2013Heat transfer - MEHB 323 - Semester 1, 2013/2014College of Engineering