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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Mar-2014TNB Bimbing Lebih 900 Usahawan BumiputraUtusan Malaysia (Bisnes)
15-Dec-2015TNB buying 30pc stake in Turkish utility firmNew Straits Times
18-Aug-2015TNB Buying 70% of Track 3B for RM46.98mThe Edge Financial Daily
15-Dec-2015TNB buys stake in Turkey firm for RM1bilThe Star
16-Dec-2015TNB buys stakes from Turkish power companyKwong Wah Yit Poh
13-Feb-2014TNB Can Maintain Positive ResultThe Star (Starbiz News)
28-Apr-2016TNB catat pendapatan RM21.17 bilionUtusan Malaysia
29-Apr-2015TNB Catat Untung RM4.48 bilionKosmo (Niaga)
14-Apr-2016TNB ceburi sektor tenaga TurkiUtusan Malaysia
14-Apr-2016TNB completes stake buy in Turkey firmThe Star
4-Feb-2014TNB Completes Sukuk IssuanceThe Star (Starbiz News)
10-Apr-2015TNB Confident in Integrax TakeoverMalaysian Reserve (Corporate Malaysia)
10-Apr-2015TNB Dapat Persetujuan 90%Utusan Malaysia (Bisnes)
3-Apr-2016TNB develops app for optimal electricity usageSunday Mail
23-Apr-2016TNB digesa beri rebat khas kurangkan beban rakyatUtusan Malaysia
28-Apr-2016TNB distributes 10sen dividend despite 39pct drop in Q2 net profitChina Press
29-Apr-2014TNB Does Better Than ExpectedFinancial Daily (Inesting)
7-Nov-2014TNB Earnings Revision Cycle IntactThe Star (StarBiz)
29-Oct-2013TNB Elak BencanaSinar Harian (Tragedi Banjir Lumpur)
29-Apr-2016TNB Electric Cable Spur The Business OpportunityOriental Daily