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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Apr-2015TNB Hits Acceptance Threshold in Integrax TakeoverNew Sunday Times (News)
29-Oct-2013TNB Hits High On Possible FCPT ImplementationFinancial Daily (Home Business)
7-Nov-2014TNB Holds Deepavali Open HouseThe Star (Starmetro New)
24-Mar-2016TNB holds ‘Tree for Tree’ campaign, hopes to plant 12,000 treesOriental Daily News
7-Nov-2014TNB Honoured with 'Brand of the Year Award'The Malay Mail (Money)
30-Dec-2015TNB hulur bantuan di MaranSinar Harian
27-Apr-2016TNB in RM2.3b worth of coal shipment dealsThe Sun
1-Mar-2016TNB inks new PPA with PowertekThe Edge Financial Daily
27-Apr-2016TNB inks RM2.3b coal shipment dealsNew Straits Times
2-Mar-2015TNB Inorives Takeover ChanceThe Star (StarBiz Week)
15-Dec-2015TNB intai potensi pegangan aset tenaga asing baharu di seberang lautKosmo
27-Oct-2014TNB Introduces App That Tracks Tenants' Electricity UsageThe Star (Nation)
29-Mar-2016TNB invites investors to Pulau Besar for tourism projectsMalaysian Reserve
13-Feb-2014TNB is CIMB Research's Top Sectorial PickNew Straits Times
7-Nov-2013TNB Is Ranked Top For Electric Utilities In AsiaMalaysian Reserve (Corporate Malaysia)
10-Feb-2015TNB is Top Big-cap StockNew Straits Times
27-May-2014TNB Issues LOD to R & A for DamagesMalaysian Reserve (Corporate Malaysia)
4-Jun-2014TNB Janamanjung Sasar Penjimatan Kos Dengan Manjung 4 dan 5Sinar Harian (Citra Sana Sini)
19-Dec-2015TNB jawab aduan CINTAALAM70Harian Metro
10-Feb-2015TNB Juga Perlu Turunkan TarifSinar Harian