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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Aug-2015Elektrik TerputusUtusan Malaysia (Utusan Kota)
22-Apr-2015An Em-power-ing IdeaThe Star (Star Metro)
8-Nov-2013Emas 'Tangkap' KaranHarian Metro (Setempat)
22-Feb-2010Embedded Systems (Semester I, 2009/2010)Universiti Tenaga Nasional; College Of Information Technology
18-Nov-2011Embedded Systems (Semester I, 2011/2012)College Of Information Technology
12-Jul-2012Embedded Systems (Semester III, 2011/2012)Universiti Tenaga Nasional; College of Information Technology
15-Dec-2010Embeded Systems (Semester I, 2010/2011)Universiti Tenaga Nasional; College Of Information Technology
27-Aug-2013Empat 'Rappers' BerwawasanHarian Metro
20-Mar-2015Empowering Future EngineersThe Star
27-Aug-2013Encouraging Innovation, ResearchNew Straits Times
11-Apr-2014End to 15-year Wait for OwnersNew Straits Times (Streets Your News)
2-Sep-2013Energetic Vibes At TNB Open HouseThe Star (Star Metro)
29-Apr-2015Energising QuarterNew Straits Times (Business Times)
25-Aug-2014Energy Reserves Decline Alarming, Govt Told To Replace Ageing PlantsMalaysian Reserve (Corporate Malaysia)
10-Sep-2014Energy Reserves For Reliable Power SupplyNew Straits Times
17-Mar-2015Energy Security Still a Concern Despite Lower CostsThe Star (Money)
27-Oct-2014Energy Watch- 99.8 percent LightedNew Straits Times
27-Oct-2014Energy Watch- Menerangi 99.8peratusHarian Metro
14-May-2014Energy Watch; IBR Brings About Fair TariffNew Straits Times (Nation)
9-Dec-2014Energy-Saving Washing MachineThe Star (Home Living)