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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Apr-2010Discrete Structure (Semester II,2002/2003)Universiti Tenaga Nasional; College of Information Technology
15-Dec-2010Discrete Structures (Semester I, 2010 / 2011)Universiti Tenaga Nasional; College of Information Technology
2-May-2012Discrete Structures (Semester II, 2011 / 2012)Universiti Tenaga Nasional; College of Information Technology
30-Mar-2010Discrete Structures (Semester II,2001/2002)Universiti Tenaga Nasional; College of Information Technology
28-Aug-2006Diversity â a pillar of strengthâ
10-Mar-2014Division Two Players Get National Call-UpNew Straits Times (Sport)
3-Jun-2014Do More To Reduce Carbon FootprintNew Sunday Times (View Point)
14-May-2014Do We Have The Will To Save Mother Earth ?New Sunday Times (Viewpoint)
22-Apr-2007Dorong Orang Asli: Dua beradik terima diploma UNITENFuad Hadinata Yaacob
20-May-2015Down Amid Low Crude Oil Prices and Weak RinggitThe Sun (Sunbiz)
17-Mar-2015Down on Lack of DirectionThe Star (StarBiz)
29-Apr-2014Down On Weak Buying SupportNew Straits Times (Portfolio)
28-Apr-2014DPP TNB Bawa Nama UUM ke BeijingUtusan Malaysia
10-Feb-2015Dr M: Adopt Danube River Dam Model to Save ForestThe Star (Nation)
13-Dec-2005Dr M: Ringgit peg was a scary move
19-Nov-2013Dr Mahathir Dianugerah Ijazah Kehormat UNITENBerita Harian
19-Nov-2013Dr. Mahathir Terima Ijazah Kehormat Uniten Ahad IniKosmo
12-Apr-2010Dr. Mashkuri sambung NC UNITENUtusan Malaysia
2-Feb-2016Dua Beranak TerbunuhHarian Metro
10-Mar-2016Dua kali rebat elektrik RM1bHarian Metro