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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Adjustable autonomy: a systematic literature reviewMostafa, S.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Mustapha, A. 
22013Agent-based simulation in a normative environment using the EPMP domainHamid, N.H.A. ; Ahmad, A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Tang, Y.C.A. ; Mustapha, A. 
32008Applying a multi-method approach in exploring e-business potential for home-based businesses in MalaysiaSulaiman, R. ; Shariff, S.S.M. ; Ahmad, M.S. 
42014An approach to norms assimilation in normative multi-agent systemsMahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmad, A. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. ; Mustapha, A. ; Hamid, N.H.A. 
52016An autonomy viability assessment matrix for agent-based autonomous systemsMostafa, S.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmad, A. ; Annamalai, M. ; Gunasekaran, S.S. 
62013Building norms-adaptable agents from Potential Norms Detection Technique (PNDT)Mahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmad, A. ; Mustapha, A. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. ; Hamid, N.H.A. 
72015Certainty, trust and evidence: Towards an integrative model of confidence in multi-agent systemsBasheer, G.S. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Tang, A.Y.C. ; Graf, S. 
82016Computing norm's benefit awareness via norm adoption ratio and norm moralityItaiwi, A.-M.K. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Tang, A.Y.C. ; Mahmoud, M.A. 
92016Deploying the concept of agent-mediated knowledge management in mobile apps for collective decision makingIsmail, S. ; Ahmad, M.S. 
102016Development of spawning and mobility model for heavyweight software agentAlshaki, O.T. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Mahmoud, M.A. 
112014A dynamic measurement of agent autonomy in the layered adjustable autonomy modelMostafa, S.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmad, A. ; Annamalai, M. ; Mustapha, A. 
122013Emerging personal intelligence in collective goals: Data analysis on the bottom-up approach from PKM to OKMIsmail, S. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Hassan, Z. 
132016An emotion-based model for improving students' engagement using agent-based social simulatorSubramainan, L. ; Mahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. 
14Aug-2008Genetic algorithm application for traffic light controlTurky, A.M. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. ; Sabar, N.R. 
152016Identifying variables dependency that influences a high level deliberation process in a CI-based Multi-Agent SystemGunasekaran, S.S. ; Mostafa, S.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Tang, A.Y.C. 
162014Knowledge Growth Measurement and Formulation for Enhancing Organizational Knowledge CapitalAl-Omari, Z.H. ; Al-Shaki, O.T. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmed, E.M. 
172013A layered adjustable autonomy approach for dynamic autonomy distributionMostafa, S.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Annamalai, M. ; Ahmad, A. ; Basheer, G.S. 
182016Model for measuring articles knowledgeability levelsAl-Dala’ien, A.A.-H. ; Mahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. 
192014A multi-agent knowledge expert locating system: A software agent simulation on personal knowledge management (PKM) modelIsmail, S. ; Nguyen, T.D. ; Ahmad, M.S. 
202013A normative multi-agent framework for dynamic task assignment and delegationItaiwi, A.-M.K. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Hamid, N.H.A. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. ; Mahmoud, M.A. 

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