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12013A normative multi-agent framework for dynamic task assignment and delegationItaiwi, A.-M.K. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Hamid, N.H.A. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. ; Mahmoud, M.A. 
22018An analysis of text mining factors enhancing the identification of relevant studiesKhashfeh, M. ; Mahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. 
32014An approach to norms assimilation in normative multi-agent systemsMahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmad, A. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. ; Mustapha, A. ; Hamid, N.H.A. 
42013Building norms-adaptable agents from Potential Norms Detection Technique (PNDT)Mahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmad, A. ; Mustapha, A. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. ; Hamid, N.H.A. 
52016An emotion-based model for improving students' engagement using agent-based social simulatorSubramainan, L. ; Mahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. 
62018Factors that influence the acceptance of internet of things services by customers of telecommunication companies in JordanAl-Momani, A.M. ; Mahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. 
72016Model for measuring articles knowledgeability levelsAl-Dala’ien, A.A.-H. ; Mahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. 
82018A negotiation algorithm for decision-making in the construction domainIdrus, A. ; Mahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Yahya, A. ; Husen, H. 
92013Optimal environmental simulation settings to observe exceptional events in social agent societiesMahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmad, A. ; Mustapha, A. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. ; Hamid, N.H.A. 
102014A review of norms and normative multiagent systemsMahmoud, M.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Mohd Yusoff, M.Z. ; Mustapha, A. 
112015Trusting norms: A conceptual norms’ trust framework for norms adoption in open normative multi-agent systemsHamid, N.H.A. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Ahmad, A. ; Mustapha, A. ; Mahmoud, M.A. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. 

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Moamin A. Mahmoud
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Mahmoud, M. A.
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