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Title: Personal Enrichment and Empowerment Program (PEEP) Pilot Project : Implementation and Findings
Authors: Chong, Pui Yee
Keywords: Personal Enrichment
SCORUN Program
Pilot Project
Issue Date: 23-Mar-2010
Abstract: The Department of Teaching & Learning has developed a pilot program called PEEP to assist students in developing and improving studentsâ competency and as well as help students improve their academic performance. The PEEP program was designed to suit students who need personalized and dedicated help to improve their academic performance on campus. A total of 8 weeks of PEEP workshops were conducted weekly during Semester 2 Academic Year 2007/08. These were students nominated by the respective colleges with CGPA below 2.0. The expected outcomes from the PEEP program are increased motivation, increased confidence level and improvement in their academic results. The indicator of success is 40% of students who have attended and completed the two modules of the workshops will be able to improve their academic results by scoring at least CGPA 2.0 and above. A total of 53 (39%) students attended PEEP workshops. However, none of the students completed the two modules of the workshop. Feedback was gathered from students after every workshop. The result shows that 63% of students felt motivated and 75% indicated an increase in their confidence level after attending the workshop. The CGPA improvement could not be measured because none of the students attended the two modules of the workshop. Overall, this pilot program managed to achieve part of its objective but failed to reach out to this targeted group of students due to poor attendance.
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