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Title: Computing hardware analysis for Agents of Things (AoT) applications
Authors: Mzahm, A.M. 
Ahmad, M.S. 
Tang, A.Y.C. 
Keywords: Agents of Things
Hardware Devices
Optimum Reseaning Level
Issue Date: 2015
Conference: 6th International Conference on Information Technology and Multimedia 
Abstract: The Agents of Things (AoT) is a novel concept that unites the physical and cyber worlds and enables things to intelligently interact and communicate with each other. The concept opens new areas for researchers to develop or improve applications for value-added services to humans. It entails analyzing the hardware and software spectrum of computing resources' specifications to implement a comprehensive AoT concept. Consequently, our primary goal in this research is to find optimum reasoning levels to intelligently operate the things. To achieve this goal, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of computing hardware devices and their corresponding software. In this paper, we present and discuss the results of the hardware analysis to identify suitable hardware devices for implementing the AoT concept. © 2014 IEEE.
DOI: 10.1109/ICIMU.2014.7066634
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