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Title: Multi-platform parallel clustering architecture using message passing interface (MPI)
Authors: Kok Wee, Low
Keywords: Parellel programming (Computer science)
Subrontines (Computer programs)
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: UNITEN
Abstract: The focus of this project is to develop a multi-platform parallel clustering system using the Message Passing Interface (MPI). Linux and Sun platforms are two of the platforms involved in this clustering system. I will be handling the Sun platform while my project partner, Mr. Wong Chee Lik will be handling the Linux platform. There are some motivations of developing this system, such as the requirement for high processing power increases and the cost of purchasing a supercomputer becomes a heavy financial burden to organizations. Building a cluster with a large number of low-cost computers can result in a processing power which surpasses a supercomputer. Besides, the cost for building such a cluster is also many times lower than purchasing a supercomputer.
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