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Title: One-step preparation of form-stable phase change material through self-assembly of fatty acid and graphene
Authors: T.M Indra Mahlia, Dr. 
Amir Reza Akhiani 
Mohammad Mehrali 
Sara Tahan Latibari 
Mohammad Mehrali 
Emad Sadeghinezhad 
Hendrik Simon Cornelis Metselaar 
Keywords: Fatty Acid
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Journal: Journal Of Physical Chemistry C 
Abstract: For the first time, a one-step (self-assembly) method is introduced to prepare a phase change material (PCM) composite consisting of palmitic acid (PA) and minimal amount (0.6%) of oleylamine-functionalized reduced graphene oxide (OA-rGO) as a supporting material. Graphene oxide was reduced and functionalized with long chain alkylamine, oleylamine (OA), to adsorb palmitic acid (PA) and was simultaneously self-assembled into a three-dimensional structure. This technique eliminates common freeze-drying and impregnation steps since the phase change material is adsorbed in situ, and there was clearly no shrinkage during the drying process. In addition, the connected graphene network provides nuclei for the heterogeneous nucleation and crystallization of PA with an enhanced heat transfer to and from the PCM and retains excellent shape-stable property which prevents the leakage of molten PA. The obtained composites exhibit a large phase change enthalpy (99.6%), enhanced thermal conductivity (150%), excellent cycling performance, and substantial sunlight adsorption.
Description: Volume :2015, Issue No :119, Article ID :-, Page Start :22787, Page End :22796, ISSN :1932-7447
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.5b06089
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