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Title: Process characterization of 32nm semi analytical bilayer graphene-based mosfet
Authors: Ibrahim bin Ahmad, Prof. Dr 
Ker Pin Jern, Mr. 
Noor Faizah Zainal Abidin 
P. Susthitha Menon N V Visvanathan 
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Journal: Process Characterization of 32nm Semi Analytical Bilayer Graphene-based MOSFET. MATEC Web of Conferences, 78, [01016 
Abstract: This paper presents an inclusive study and analysis of graphene-based MOSFET device at 32nm gate length. The analysis was based on top-gated structure which utilized Hafnium Dioxide (HfO2) dielectrics and metal gate. The same conventional process flows of a transistor were applied except the deposition of bilayer graphene as a channel. The analytical expression of the channel potential includes all relevant physics of bilayer graphene and by assuming that this device displays an ideal ohmic contact and functioned at a ballistic transport. Based on the designed transistor, the on-state current (ION) for both GNMOS and GPMOS shows a promising performance where the value is 982.857uA/um and 99.501uA/um respectively. The devices also possess a very small leakage current (IOFF) of 0.289578nA/um for GNMOS and 0.130034nA/um for GPMOS as compared to the conventional SiO2/Poly-Si and high-k metal gate transistors. However, the devices suffer an inappropriate subthreshold swing (SS) and high value of drain induced barrier lowering (DIBL).
Description: Volume :78, Issue No :-, Article ID :20167801016, Page Start :1, Page End :7, ISSN :-
DOI: 10.1051/matecconf/20167801016
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