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Title: Synthesis, characterization and controlled release properties of zinc–aluminium-beta-naphthoxyacetate nanocomposite
Authors: Zaemah Jubri, Dr 
Elya Sufliza bte Marsom @ Abdul Razak 
Keywords: Layered double hydroxide
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Journal: Journal of porous materials 
Abstract: An organic–inorganic nanohybrid nanocomposite was synthesized by co-precipitation method using betanaphthoxyacetate (BNOA) as guest anion and zinc–aluminium layered double hydroxide (Zn–Al-LDH) as the inorganic host. A well-ordered nanohybrid nanocomposite was formed when the concentration of BNOA was 0.08 M and the molar ratio of Zn to Al, R = 2. Basal spacing of layered double hydroxide containing nitrate ions expanded from 8.9 to 19.5 A˚ in resulting of Zn–Al-BNOA nanocomposite was obtained indicates that beta-naphthoxyacetate was successfully intercalated into interlayer spaces of layered double hydroxide. It was also found out the BET surface area increased from 1.13 to 42.79 m2 g-1 for Zn–Al-LDH and Zn–Al-BNOA nanocomposite, respectively. The BJH average pore diameter of the synthesized nanocomposite is 199 A˚ which shows mesoporous-type of material. CHNS analysis shows the Zn–AlBNOA nanocomposite material contains 36.2 % (w/w) of BNOA calculated based on the percentage of carbon in the sample. Release of BNOA from the lamella of Zn–AlBNOA was controlled by the zeroth and first order kinetics at the beginning of the deintercalation process up to 200 min and controlled by pseudo-second order kinetics for the whole process. This study suggests that layered double hydroxide can be used as a carrier for organic acid herbicide controlled release formulation of BNOA.
Description: Volume :-, Issue No :-, Article ID :-, Page Start :1, Page End :10, ISSN :1380-2224
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