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Title: A chain-detection algorithm for two-dimensional grids
Authors: Mohammed Azlan bin Mohamed Iqbal, Dr 
Paul Bonham 
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Journal: Arxiv, Cornell University Library, United States. 
Abstract: We describe a general method of detecting valid chains or links of pieces on a two-dimensional grid. Specifically, using the example of the chess variant known as Switch-Side Chain-Chess (SSCC). Presently, no foolproof method of detecting such chains in any given chess position is known and existing graph theory, to our knowledge, is unable to fully address this problem either. We therefore propose a solution implemented and tested using the C++ programming language. We have been unable to find an incorrect result and therefore offer it as the most viable solution thus far to the chain-detection problem in this chess variant. The algorithm is also scalable, in principle, to areas beyond two-dimensional grids such as 3D analysis and molecular chemistry.
Description: Online Article, Volume :-, Issue No :-, Article ID :1610.03573, Page Start :1, Page End : 28, ISSN :-
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