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Title: The current state of management accounting practice in selected Malaysian companies
Other Titles: An empirical evidence
Authors: Rosmawati Mahfar
Normah Hj. Omar, Prof. Dr.
Keywords: Japanese management accounting
Sino-Japanese approach
Anglo-American approach
Management accounting
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Universiti Tenaga Nasional
Abstract: In todayĆ¢ s context of rapid changes, Malaysia must continuously reinvent itself to ensure its sustainability in this competitive global economy. Malaysia needs to evolve with new sources of competitiveness by relying and understanding the knowledge for value creation. IFAC (1998) had identified the field of organizational activity encompassed by management accounting has developed through four evolutionary stages, that are the cost determination and financial control, information for management planning and control, reduction of waste of resources in business processes and creation of value through effective resources use. By the years of 1995, attention of the world especially the developed countries had now shifted to the generation or creation of value through the effective use of resources and technologies. In view of this, the current study is undertaken with the aim of exploring the current management accounting practices in selected Malaysian companies and investigating the stages of management accounting evolution in the country. In addition, it gives recommendations on how to improve and enhance the management accounting applications in Malaysia. The current study provides empirical evidence to infer that the utilization of Stage 1 and Stage 2 of management accounting techniques are still dominantly applied in practice among selected Malaysian companies. In addition, the study indicates that management accounting practice in selected Malaysian companies has fully reached the second stage, and has already evolved into the third stage of management accounting evolution for some companies.
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