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Title: The challenges and importance of Malaysian Maritime Policies in 21st Century
Authors: Madzli Haji Harun
Wan Mariam Wan Abdullah
Zuha Rosufila Abu Hassan
Keywords: Maritime environment
Maritime policy
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Universiti Tenaga Nasional
Abstract: This paper will examine the existing provisions and regulations covering the maritime environment. It will then examine the main aspects of maritime trade, ports, fishing, oil and gas, maritime zones, search and rescue, hydrograph, minerals and the costal environment. It will not consider the details of shipping business or maritime training, but rather concentrate on security of the maritime environment in relation to Malaysiaâ s national security policy. Besides that this paper will also examine threats to Malaysiaâ s maritime interest, and will examine the various department and ministry responsible for the maritime sphere and the complexity of overlapping responsibilities. This paper will conclude with some proposals on a framework for inclusion in a Malaysia maritime policy.
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