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Title: Study on the correlation of neutronic and thermal hydraulic of triga mark ii puspati reactor core
Authors: Abdul Aziz bin Mohamed Prof. Madya Dr 
Keywords: Thermal-hydraulic
Neutron kinetics
Issue Date: 2016
Journal: Journal of nuclear and related technologies 
Abstract: In order to prepare Malaysia to be nuclear ready, the Malaysian 1 MW TRIGA MARK II research reactor (RTP) located at the Malaysian Nuclear Agency was premeditated with the aim to effectually actualize the multitude areas of basic nuclear research, labor training and education. To meet the modern safety standards, analyses of a strong interaction between the thermal-hydraulic system behavior and the space-dependent neutron kinetics are needed as mere thermal-hydraulics codes are said to be incapable to succeed the present safety standards. This could be achieved through the coupling of neutronic and thermal-hydraulic codes of the reactor. Previous studies had shown that the coupled codes are able to successfully be employed for the correlation between thermal-hydraulic analysis and neutron kinetics at transient and steady state. In this study, the coupling was achieved through MCNP and TRIGLAV codes for neutronic and thermal-hydraulic respectively. Core-15 of RTP was modeled for both of the codes; hence calculating the criticality, analysis of power and neutron flux distribution. The consistency and accuracy of the developed Core-15 MCNP model was established by comparing calculations to the experimental results and TRIGLAV code. The criticality predictions for both codes are in very good agreement with the experimental results. The core reached its criticality after 66 fuels. The highest hot rod power peaking factor was found to be 1.28. The results are conservative and can be applied to show the reliability of MCNP and TRIGLAV codes.
Description: Volume :13, Issue No :2, Article ID :2, Page Start :7, Page End :14, ISSN :ISSN 1823-0180
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