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Title: An experimental investigation on the effects of forming temperature and sintering schedule to the final characteristics of fe92cu7.5al0.5 powder compacts
Authors: Md. Mujibur Rahman 
Keywords: Sample characterization
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Journal: Scientific journal of PPI-UKM 
Abstract: This paper presents the development of FeCuAl powder compacts through warm compaction process. A lab-scale uni-axial die compaction rig was designed and fabricated which enabled the powder forming at elevated temperature. Iron powder ASC 100.29 was mechanically mixed with other elemental powders, i.e., copper (Cu), and aluminium (Al) for 30 minutes at a rotation of 30 rpm. Green compacts were then generated by forming the prepared feedstock at 30ºC (room temperature), 150ºC, and 200ºC through simultaneous upward and downward axial loadings of 325 MPa. The defect-free green compacts were subsequently sintered in argon gas fired furnace at 800ºC for three different holding times, i.e., 30, 60, and 90 minutes at three different rates, i.e., 5, 10, and 15ºC/min. The final products were characterized for their physical, electrical, and mechanical properties and their microstructures were evaluated. The results revealed that the suitable forming temperature is 150ºC, holding time is 30 minute, and sintering rate is 10ºC/min.
Description: Volume :3, Issue No :4, Article ID :DOI: 10.21752/sjppi-ukm/se/a14092016, Page Start :156, Page End :161, ISSN :2356 – 2536
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