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dc.contributor.authorYusoff, A.
dc.contributor.authorDin, N.M.
dc.contributor.authorYussof, S.
dc.contributor.authorKhan, S.U.
dc.description.abstractBig data analytics is expected to be of useful approach to many aspects of problem solving. For this research, the authors are trying to utilize this facility for flood disaster management specifically for the state of Kelantan, Malaysia. This research is considering the ordinal type data obtained from the state authorities and proposing on data manipulation through statistical inferences and big data analytics. As a result, the research is expecting for an early warning system can be developed from this study. Nonetheless, the added value approach to the analytics carried out was also considering the method of semantic network and flood ontology to design its algorithms. © 2015 IEEE.
dc.titleBig data analytics for Flood Information Management in Kelantan, Malaysia
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