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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A clonal selection algorithm model for daily rainfall data predictionNoor Rodi, N.S. ; Malek, M.A. ; Ismail, A.R. ; Ting, S.C. ; Tang, C.-W. 
2015Application of computational intelligence methods in modelling river flow prediction: A reviewZaini, N. ; Malek, M.A. ; Yusoff, M. 
2019Artificial intelligence projection model for methane emission from livestock in SarawakKiat, P.E. ; Malek, M.A. ; Shamsuddin, S.M. 
2018Bat algorithm and neural network for monthly streamflow predictionZaini, N. ; Malek, M.A. ; Yusoff, M. ; Osmi, S.F.C. ; Mardi, N.H. ; Norhisham, S. 
2018Biomass carbon stock change from major crops cultivated on agricultural land in SarawakPeng, E.K. ; Malek, M.A. 
2019Causes of delay in construction of highway projects: A reviewKarunakaran, S. ; Malek, M.A. ; Ramli, M.Z. 
2018Causes of delay on highway construction project in Klang valleyKarunakaran, S. ; Ramli, M.Z. ; Malek, M.A. ; Musir, A.A. ; Imran, N.F. ; Fuad, N.F.S.M. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Zainal, M.Z. 
2015A comparative study of clonal selection algorithm for effluent removal forecasting in septic sludge treatment plantChun, T.S. ; Malek, M.A. ; Ismail, A.R. 
2018Daily River Flow Forecasting with Hybrid Support Vector Machine - Particle Swarm OptimizationZaini, N. ; Malek, M.A. ; Yusoff, M. ; Mardi, N.H. ; Norhisham, S. 
2018Descriptive modeling for methane emission from three major livestock in SarawakKiat, P.E. ; Malek, M.A. ; Shamsuddin, S.M. 
2018Determination of the most significant fault parameters for Manila Trench earthquake tsunamiAziz, A.F. ; Mardi, N.H. ; Malek, M.A. ; Tan, W.K. ; Teh, S.Y. 
2013Developing critical success factors (CSFs) for effective construction management in Malaysia industryNorizam, A. ; Malek, M.A. 
2013Development of effluent removal prediction model efficiency in septic sludge treatment plant through clonal selection algorithmTing, S.C. ; Ismail, A.R. ; Malek, M.A. 
2016Development of river water quality management using fuzzy techniques: a reviewChe Osmi, S.F. ; Malek, M.A. ; Yusoff, M. ; Azman, N.H. ; Faizal, W.M. 
2013Development of sediment brick utilizing reservoir sediment and fly ashMohammed, B.S. ; Woen, E.L. ; Malek, M.A. ; Sing, W.L. ; Abbas, N.A. ; Yusop, H. ; Muda, R.S. ; Hashim, M. ; Yong, U. 
2012Effect of curing environments on strength, porosity and chloride ingress resistance of blast furnace slag cement concretes: A construction site studyChen, H.-J. ; Huang, S.-S. ; Tang, C.-W. ; Malek, M.A. ; Ean, L.-W. 
2011Effect of mixing fine sand on the drained shear strength of completely decomposed granite soilHaider, M.M. ; Huat, B.B.K. ; Malek, M.A. ; Dis, M.N. 
2019Effects of acids pre-treatment on the microbial fermentation process for bioethanol production from microalgaePhwan, C.K. ; Chew, K.W. ; Sebayang, A.H. ; Ong, H.C. ; Ling, T.C. ; Malek, M.A. ; Ho, Y.-C. ; Show, P.L. 
2016Empirical Penman-Monteith equation and artificial intelligence techniques in predicting reference evapotranspiration: A reviewAbdullah, S.S. ; Malek, M.A. 
2018Evolutionary algorithm for forecastng mean sea level based on meta-heuristic approachLai, V. ; Ahmed, A.N. ; Malek, M.A. ; El-Shafie, A.