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12017Three point bending flexural strength of cement treated tropical marine soil reinforced by lime treated natural fiberAnggraini, V. ; Asadi, A. ; Syamsir, A. ; Huat, B.B.K. 
22015Numerical simulation of cement-treated soil reinforced with coir fiber subjected to flexural loadingAnggraini, V. ; Asadi, A. ; Huat, B.B.K. ; Syamsir, A. 
32011Effect of mixing fine sand on the drained shear strength of completely decomposed granite soilHaider, M.M. ; Huat, B.B.K. ; Malek, M.A. ; Dis, M.N. 
42014Characterizations of waste soil of open dumping areaPauzi, N.I.M. ; Omar, H. ; Huat, B.B.K. ; Misran, H. 

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Huat, B.B.K.
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