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2016An artificial neural network hybrid with wavelet transform for short-term wind speed forecasting: A preliminary case studyYousefi, M. ; Hooshyar, D. ; Khaksar, W. ; Sahari, K.S.M. ; Alnaimi, F.B.I. 
2011Artificial intelligent system for steam boiler diagnosis based on superheater monitoringAlnaimi, F.B.I. ; Al-Kayiem, H.H. 
2018Computational Study of Coal Particle Distribution in Coal Pulverizer: Effect of Air Flow Rate and Coal Particle Flow RateWhy, E. ; Alnaimi, F. ; Hasini, H. ; Nasif, M. 
2018Design and development of mini hydropower system integrated for commercial buildingAlnaimi, F.B.I. ; Ziet, F.W. 
2016Development and implementation of intelligent condition monitoring system for steam turbine tripsAlnaimi, F.B.I. ; Ismail, R.I.B. ; Ker, P.J. 
2014Hybrid renewable power system for agriculture irrigation systemAlnaimi, F.B.I. ; Chu, Y.C. ; Mohamed Sahari, K.S. 
2014Intelligent monitoring interfaces for coal fired power plant boiler trips: A reviewNistah, N.N.M. ; Motalebi, F. ; Samyudia, Y. ; Alnaimi, F.B.I. 
2010Multidimensional minimization training algorithms for steam boiler drum level trip using artificial intelligent monitoring systemAlnaimi, F.B.I. ; Al-Kayiem, H.H. 
2017Novel design for PIG to eliminate the effect of hydraulic transients in oil and gas pipelinesMazreah, A.A. ; Alnaimi, F.B.I. ; Sahari, K.S.M. 
2014On-line condition monitoring system for high level trip water in steam Boiler's DrumAlnaimi, F.B.I. ; A Ali, M. ; Al-Kayiem, H.H. ; Mohamed Sahari, K.S.B.