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2016A Review on Flood Events for Kelantan River Watershed in Malaysia for Last Decade (2001-2010)Aminah Shakirah, J. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Hidayah, B. ; Nazirul, M.Z. ; Jajarmizadeh, M. ; Ros, F.C. ; Roseli, Z.A. 
2015Absolute homogeneity test of Kelantan catchment precipitation seriesRos, F.C. ; Tosaka, H. ; Sasaki, K. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Basri, H. 
May-2019Evaluation of parameter regionalization methods for flood simulations in Kelantan river basinChow, M.F. ; Jamil, M.M. ; Ros, F.C. ; Yuzir, M.A.M. ; Hossain, M.S. 
May-2019Integrated support vector regression and an improved particle swarm optimization-based model for solar radiation predictionGhazvinian, H. ; Mousavi, S.-F. ; Karami, H. ; Farzin, S. ; Ehteram, M. ; Hossain, M.S. ; Fai, C.M. ; Hashim, H.B. ; Singh, V.P. ; Ros, F.C. ; Ahmed, A.N. ; Afan, H.A. ; Lai, S.H. ; El-Shafie, A. 
2013Stage discharge curve for Guillemard Bridge streamflow sation based on rating curve method using historical flood event dataRos, F.C. ; Tosaka, H. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Desa, M.N. ; Arifin, K.