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12018Alternative approach to conventional river water treatment using natural coagulantSelvaraj, K. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Noor, M.J.M.M. ; Tamunaidu, P. ; Goto, M. 
22018Application of geomorphologic factors for identifying soil loss in vulnerable regions of the Cameron HighlandsKok, K. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Jung, K. ; Kim, J.-C. 
32019Application of GIS as part of flood risk management for evacuation of vulnerable communities during disaster in Kenyir, Terengganu Darul ImanNorkhairi, F.F. ; Thiruchelvam, S. ; Hasini, H. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Muda, R.S. ; Ghazali, A. ; Mustapha, K.N. ; Basri, H. ; Singh, R.S.D. 
42018Application of Stochastic Flood Forecasting Model Using Regression Method for Kelantan CatchmentOsman, S. ; Aziz, N.A. ; Husaif, N. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Shakirah, A. ; Hanum, F. ; Basri, H. 
52016Conceptualization of a Collaborative Decision Making for Flood Disaster ManagementZubir, S.N.A. ; Thiruchelvam, S. ; Mustapha, K.N. ; Muda, Z.C. ; Ghazali, A. ; Hakimie, H. ; Abdul Razak, N.N. ; Mat Isa, A.A. ; Hasini, H. ; Mohamed Sahari, K.S. ; Husin, N.M. ; Rusli, M.E. ; Sabri Muda, R. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Basri, H. ; Tukiman, I. 
62016Conventional methods and emerging technologies for urban river water purification plant: A short reviewMohiyaden, H.A. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Ahmed Salih, G.H. ; Birima, A.H. ; Basri, H. ; Mohd Sabri, A.F. ; Md. Noh, M.N. 
72019Design of low power and low phase noise current starved ring oscillator for RFID tag EEPROMRahman, L.F. ; Reaz, M.B.I. ; Marufuzzaman, M. ; Sidek, L.M. 
82018The effect of green roof configurations on runoff retention performanceChow, M.F. ; Bakar, M.F.A. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Basri, H. 
92018Flood frequency analysis at the downstream of Sg. Perak River basin using annual maximum flow discharge dataSnu, M. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Sh, H. ; Noh Ns, M. ; Basri, H. ; Marufuzzaman, M. ; Hafiz, Z.M. ; Razad Az, A. 
102016Formulation of an Integrated Community Based Disaster Management for Hydroelectric facilities: The Malaysia CaseHijazzi, N. ; Thiruchelvam, S. ; Muda, R.S. ; Mustapha, K.N. ; Muda, Z.C. ; Ghazali, A. ; Kadir, A.K. ; Hakimie, H. ; Sahari, K.S.M. ; Hasini, H. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Itam, Z. ; Mohamad, M.F. ; Abdul Razad, A.Z. 
112018Heavy metal accumulation at the Bertam agricultural watershed in Cameron Highlands, MalaysiaHaron, S.H. ; Ismail, S. ; Sidek, L.M. 
122013Impact resistance of sustainable construction material using light weight oil palm shells reinforced geogrid concrete slabMuda, Z.C. ; Malik, G. ; Usman, F. ; Beddu, S. ; Alam, M.A. ; Mustapha, K.N. ; Birima, A.H. ; Zarroq, O.S. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Rashid, M.A. 
132018Investigating the plant species and rainfall factors on stormwater retention performance of extensive green roofs in MalaysiaFai, C.M. ; Bakar, M.F.A. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Khai, W.J. 
142017Klang River water quality modelling using musicZahari, N.M. ; Zawawi, M.H. ; Muda, Z.C. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Fauzi, N.M. ; Othman, M.E.F. ; Ahmad, Z. 
152019Modelling erosion and landslides induced by farming activities at Hilly Areas, Cameron Highlands, MalaysiaAbdullah, A.F. ; Aimrun, W. ; Nasidi, N.M. ; Hazari S. A. F., K. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Selamat, Z. 
162017Optimal Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of SWAT for an Arid ClimateJajarmizadeh, M. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Harun, S. ; Salarpour, M. 
172019The performance of attached and suspended growth process in integrated fixed activated sludgeMohiyaden, H.A. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Hayder, G. 
182018Pollutant loading analysis of suspended solid, nitrogen and phosphorus at bertam catchment, cameron highlands using MUSICNoh, N.S.M. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Haron, S.H. ; Puad, A.H.M. ; Selamat, Z. 
192018Probable Maximum Precipitation comparison using hershfield's statistical method and hydro-meteorological method for Sungai Perak Hydroelectric SchemeRazali, J. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Rashid, M.A. ; Hussein, A. ; Marufuzzaman, M. 
202018Review and Derivation of Areal Reduction Factor in Malaysia with Response to Changing ClimateKok, K. ; Yu, W. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Jung, K. 

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