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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A review: Towards practical attack taxonomy for industrial control systemsQassim, Q.S. ; Jamil, N. ; Jidin, R. ; Rusli, M.E. ; Ahmad Zawawi, M.N. ; Jamaludin, M.Z. ; Z'aba, M.R. ; Kamarulzaman, W.A.W. 
2019Smart vision: Assistive device for the visually impaired community using online computer vision serviceBaskaran, H. ; Leng, R.L.M. ; Rahim, F.A. ; Rusli, M.E. 
2015SnoezelenCAVE: Virtual reality CAVE Snoezelen framework for Autism spectrum disordersPerhakaran, G. ; Yusof, A.M. ; Rusli, M.E. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. ; Mahidin, E.M.M. ; Mahalil, I. ; Zainuddin, A.R.R. 
2015Stress treatment: The effectiveness between guided and non-guided virtual reality setupZainudin, A.R.R. ; Yusof, A.M. ; Rusli, M.E. ; Yusof, M.Z.M. ; Mahalil, I. 
2015Study of immersion effectiveness in VR-based stress therapyMahalil, I. ; Rusli, M.E. ; Yusof, A.M. ; Yusoff, M.Z.M. ; Zainudin, A.R.R. 
2018A Study on security vulnerabilities assessment and quantification in SCADA systemsFirdaus, Z. ; Jamil, N. ; Qassim, Q.S. ; Rusli, M.E. ; Ja'affar, N. ; Daud, M. ; Hasan, H. 
2018TPAL: A protocol for node authentication in IoTRazali, M.F. ; Rusli, M.E. ; Jamil, N. ; Yussof, S. 
2007Using wireless sensor networks (WSN) for detecting leakage in water pipesBakar, A.A. ; Din, M.M. ; Yussof, S. ; Ghapar, A.A. ; Rusli, M.E. ; Chang, G.C. 
2019Virtual environment for VR-based stress therapy system design element: User perspectiveZaharuddin, F.A. ; Ibrahim, N. ; Yusof, A.M. ; Rusli, M.E. ; Mohd Mahidin, E.M. 
2015Virtual reality-based technique for stress therapyMahalil, I. ; Rusli, M.E. ; Yusof, A.M. ; Yusof, M.Z.M. ; Zainudin, A.R.R.