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12007Using wireless sensor networks (WSN) for detecting leakage in water pipesBakar, A.A. ; Din, M.M. ; Yussof, S. ; Ghapar, A.A. ; Rusli, M.E. ; Chang, G.C. 
22010Trust formation based on subjective logic and PGP web-of-trust for information sharing in mobile ad-hoc networkBakar, A.A. ; Ahmad, A.R. ; Manan, J.-L.A. ; Ismail, R. 
32017Methodology of water quality index (WQI) development for filtrated water using irradiated basic filter elementsNuraslinda, A. ; Pauzi, A.M. ; Bakar, A. ; Arif, A. 
42009Group based access control scheme: Proof of method for secure access control architecture in mobile ad-hoc networksBakar, A.A. ; Ismail, R. ; Ahmad, A.R. ; Abdul Manan, J.-L. ; Jais, J. 
52009Group Based Access Control scheme (GBAC): Keeping information sharing secure in mobile ad-hoc environmentBakar, A.A. ; Ismail, R. ; Ahmad, A.R. ; Manan, J.-L.A. ; Jais, J. 
62014Access control and privacy in MANET emergency environmentBakar, A.A. ; Ghapar, A.A. ; Ismail, R. 

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Asmidar Abu Bakar Dr.
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Bakar, A.A.
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