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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Microwave incinerated rice husk ash (MIRHA) and used engine oil (UEO): Towards sustainable concrete productionMohd Kamal, N.L. ; Beddu, S. ; Nuruddin, M.F. ; Shafiq, N. ; Muda, Z.C. 
2017Reducing Heavy Metal Element from Coal Bottom Ash by Using Citric Acid Leaching TreatmentYahya, A.A. ; Ali, N. ; Mohd Kamal, N.L. ; Shahidan, S. ; Beddu, S. ; Nuruddin, M.F. ; Shafiq, N. 
Jul-2019Step by step procedures: Degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in potable water using photo-Fenton oxidation processAbd Manan, T.S.B. ; Beddu, S. ; Khan, T. ; Wan Mohtar, W.H.M. ; Sarwono, A. ; Jusoh, H. ; Mohd Kamal, N.L. ; Sivapalan, S. ; Ghanim, A.A.J. 
2016The Effect of Mortar Grade and Thickness on the Impact Resistance of Ferrocement SlabMuda, Z.C. ; Syamsir, A. ; Mustapha, K.N. ; Sulleman, S. ; Beddu, S. ; Thiruchelvam, S. ; Ismail, F.B. ; Usman, F. ; Mohd Kamal, N.L. ; Alam, M.A. ; Birima, A.H. ; Itam, Z. ; Zaroog, O.S.