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12018Institutional ownership, board of directors and yield spreads in Long- and medium-term corporate bonds and sukukNoriza, M.S. ; Haniff, M.N. ; Ali, N. 
22015Islamic knowledge portal: An analysis on knowledge portal requirementsChe Cob, Z. ; Ali, N. ; Sulaiman, H. ; Wan Mazuri, W.M.I. 
32017Knowledge management systems success in healthcare: Leadership mattersAli, N. ; Tretiakov, A. ; Whiddett, D. ; Hunter, I. 
42015Proposed models of adaptive knowledge aggregatorAl-Oqaily, A.T. ; Hassan, Z.B. ; Ali, N. ; Alsulami, Z.A. 
52017Reducing Heavy Metal Element from Coal Bottom Ash by Using Citric Acid Leaching TreatmentYahya, A.A. ; Ali, N. ; Mohd Kamal, N.L. ; Shahidan, S. ; Beddu, S. ; Nuruddin, M.F. ; Shafiq, N. 
62018The role of organizational factors to the effectiveness of ISMS implementation in Malaysian Public SectorIbrahim, N. ; Ali, N. 
72018Towards development of software testing competency framework to empower software testers' professionIdrus, H.M. ; Ali, N. 

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