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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Islamic capital markets : products and strategies.M. Kabir Hassan, Michael Mahlknecht. 
2013Islamic capital markets: a comparative approachObiyathulla Ismath Bacha, Abbas Mirakhor. 
2015Islamic finance and economic development: risk management, regulation, and corporate governance.Amr El Tiby, Wafi k Grais. 
2017Islamic finance: a practical perspective.Nafis Alam, Lokesh Gupta, Bala Shanmugam. 
2010Islamic finance: instruments and markets.
2016Islamic finance: principles, performance and prospects.Edited by Tina Harrison and Essam Ibrahim. 
2015Islamic perspectives relating to business, arts, culture and communication: proceedings of the 1st ICIBACC 2014.Roaimah Omar, Hasan Bahrom, Geraldine de Mello (Editors). 
2019Java: an introduction to problem solving & programming, 8th ed.Walter Savitch. 
2013Kentucky accounting and finance foundations: curriculum guide, 3rd. ed.Kentucky Department of Education and MBA Research and Curriculum Center® 
2015Key account management: strategies to leverage information, technology, and relationships to deliver value to large customers.Joël Le Bon, PhD Carl A. Herman, MBA. 
2013Kings, country and constitutions: Thailand's political development 1932-2000Suwannathat-Pian, K. 
2012Kings, country and constitutions: Thailand’s political development 1932-2000Suwannathat-Pian, K. 
2019Knowledge-based social entrepreneurship: understanding knowledge economy, innovation, and the future of social entrepreneurship.Mitt Nowshade Kabir. 
2015Krugman’s economics for AP®, 2nd. ed. (adapted from Economics, 3rd. ed. by Paul Krugman and Robin Wells)Margaret Ray, David Anderson. 
2017Leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship as driving forces of the global economy: proceedings of the 2016 international conference on leadership, Innovation and entrepreneurship (ICLIE)Rachid Benlamri, Michael Sparer (Editors). 
2019Lean entrepreneurship: innovation in the modern enterprise.George Watt, Howard Abrams. 
2018Lecture Notes on Renewable Energy Sources
2017Leisure and Tourism Economics.Edited by Charlotte Sullivan. 
2016Lessons in corporate finance: a case studies approach to financial tools, financial policies, and valuation.Paul Asquith and Lawrence A. Weiss. 
2009Logistics and retail management : emerging issues and new challenges in the retail supply chain, 3rd ed.Edited by John Fernie and Leigh Sparks.