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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Reactive Power Control in AC Power SystemsNaser Mahdavi Tabatabaei ; Ali Jafari Aghbolaghi ; Nicu Bizon ; Frede Blaabjerg 
2018Recent advancements in biofuels and bioenergy utilizationPrakash Kumar Sarangi, Sonil Nanda, Pravakar Mohanty Editors 
2015Renewable energy and energy efficiency : assessment of projects and policiesAidan Duffy, Martin Rogers, Lacour Ayompe 
2018Renewable Energy Education A Worldwide Status ReviewTara C. Kandpal ; Lars Broman 
2015Renewable energy in the service of mankind Vol I : selected topics from the world renewable energy congress WREC 2014Ali Sayigh Editor 
2015Renewable energy resources third editionJohn Twidell and Tony Weir 
2018Renewable energy sources : engineering, technology, innovation : ICORES 2017Edited by Krzysztof Mudryk, Sebastian Werle 
2002Renewable Energy: Current and Potential IssuesDavid Pimentel ; Megan Herz ; Michele Glickstein 
2011Rethinking macroeconomics for sustainability.Alejandro Nadal. 
2016Rethinking macroeconomics: an introductionJohn F. McDonald. 
2009Risk management in finance : six sigma and other next generation techniques.Anthony Tarantino, Deb Cernauskas. 
2015SAP ERP financial accounting and controlling: confeguration and management.Andrew Okungbowa. 
2019Scalar wave driven energy applicationsBahman Zohuri 
1994Schaum's outline of cost accounting, 3rd ed.James Cashin, Ralph Polimeni, Sheila Handy 
2018Semiconductor nanotechnology : advances in information and energy processing and storageStephen M. Goodnick, Anatoli Korkin, Robert Nemanich, editors 
2012A simple guide to IBM SPSS® statistics for versions 18.0 & 19.0Lee A. Kirkpatrick, Brooke C. Feeney. 
2019Small modular reactors as renewable energy sourcesBahman Zohuri 
2017Small modular reactors for electricity generation : an economic and technologically sound alternativeJorge Morales Pedraza. Jorge Morales Pedraza, author. 
2016Smarter energy : from smart metering to the smart gridEdited by Hongjian Sun, Nikos D. Hatziargyriou, H. Vincent Poor, Laurence Carpanini, Miguel Angel Sánchez Fornié. 
2016Solar energy : the physics and engineering of photovoltaic conversion, technologies and systemsArno HM Smets, Klaus Jager, Olindo Isabella, René ACMM van Swaaij, Miro Zeman.