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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Bioremediation of Flue Gas via Microalgal Coupled with Biodiesel ProductionAisswarya Kumaran ; Saifuddin Bin Hj. M. Nomanbhay 
2015Bond Strength of Externally Bonded Plate Considering the Effect of CrackShahnawaz Ahmed Onik ; Md. Asraful Alam ; Kamal Nasharuddin Bin Mustapha 
Jul-2019Callophyllum Inophyllum as Biodiesel Feedstock in Malaysia: Potential and ChallengesV.Sharmini ; Tan Ee Sann ; P.Kumaran 
2017Cell Selection Mechanism based on Interference Behaviour in Femto-Macro Heterogeneous NetworkShapina Abdullah ; Norashidah Md. Din 
2010CFD approach to investigate the flow characteristics in bi-directional ventilated disc brakeMunisamy, K.M. ; Yusoff, Mohd.Z. ; Shuaib, N.H. ; Thangaraju, S.K. 
2013Changes in fault current levels due to renewable embedded generation in a distribution networkAlvin, T.G.M. ; Abidin, I.Z. ; Hashim, H. 
2010Characterization and optimizations of silicide thickness in 45nm pMOS deviceSalehuddin, F. ; Ahmad, I. ; Hamid, F.A. ; Zaharim, A. 
2015Characterizations of The Exposed Metal-Organic Framework (MOF-199) MaterialsArman Meshkinnejad ; Halina Misran ; Nurfatihah Mahadi 
2016A classification of emotions study in software agent and robotics applications researchMahmoud, M. A. ; Yusoff, M. Z. M. ; Subramainan, L. 
2015Cluster-based spectrum sensing scheme in heterogeneous networkHasan, M.K. ; Ismail, A.F. ; Abdalla, A.-H. ; Ramli, H.A.M. ; Islam, S. ; Hashim, W. ; Badron, K. 
2009A coarse-grained parallel genetic algorithm with migration for shortest path routing problemYussof, S. ; Razali, R.A. ; See, O.H. ; Ghapar, A.A. ; Md Din, M. 
May-2020Coastal Sediment Transport Study along Shoreline by using Smooth Particle HydrodynamicsZawawi, M.H. ; Email Author ; Azman, A ; Radzi, M.R.M ; Abas, A. ; Aziz, N.A 
2011Cobalt silicide and titanium silicide effects on nano devicesElgomati, H.A. ; Majlis, B.Y. ; Salehuddin, F. ; Ahmad, I. ; Zaharim, A. ; Hamid, F.A. 
Apr-2017Comparison of Bow-tie and Micro-strip Bow-tie Antennas for solar energy harvestingThet Ming Tan ; Chin Hock Goh ; Yanti Erana Bte Jalil 
2015Comparison of Propagation Path Loss Models on Outdoor Wireless Lan Applications in Rural AreaMuhamad Shaharil Bin Shairudin ; Norashidah Md Din ; Nurul Asyikin ; Intan Shafinaz Mustafa 
Feb-2020Computational Intelligence Based Technique for Multi-DG Installation in Transmission SystemMuhamad Fazrizal Faiz Sahilahudin ; Ismail Musirin ; Shahrizal Jelani ; Mohd Helmi Mansor 
2016Computing norm's benefit awareness via norm adoption ratio and norm moralityItaiwi, A.-M.K. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Tang, A.Y.C. ; Mahmoud, M.A. 
2015Conceptual Framework for Successful IT-Governance for E-Government ServicesShaymaa Tareq ; Hidayah Sulaiman 
Jul-2019Condition Monitoring Through Temperature, Vibration and Radio Frequency Emission: A Review
Sep-2016Conditioning monitoring of lubricant in static mechanisms using pulse echo ultrsound techniqueFarrukh Hafiz Nagi, Assoc. Prof. Dr ; Marwan Ali