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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Analysis on the impact of renewable energy to power system fault levelAdnan, A.Z. ; Yusoff, M.E. ; Hashim, H. 
22017Capacitive and inductive line reactance for network reconfigurationSaifuddin, A.S. ; Kamil, K. ; Hashim, H. ; Radhakrishnan, R. 
32016A comprehensive review on power flow controller devices in transmission lineSaifuddin, A.S. ; Kamil, K. ; Hashim, H. 
42017Evaluation of protective relaying reliability in renewable energy environmentHisham, Z. ; Hashim, H. ; Shukri, Z. ; Ishak, Z. 
52013An evolutionary programming approach to optimize synchronous generator input power using area-based transient stability indexesHashim, H. ; Abidin, I.Z. ; Musirin, I. ; Siah Yap, K. ; Omar, Y.R. ; Zulkepali, M.R. 

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Credit Name
Halimatun Hashim Dr.
Full Name
Hashim, H.
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